Hair Transplants Abroad

Why Travel?

If you are considering having a hair transplant, you may also be thinking about having the operation abroad. This could be for financial reasons or you may have heard about a particular surgeon who is very experienced.

In countries such as Turkey, both hair and facial hair transplants are big business. This is because in some cultures hair and facial hair are a sign of masculinity. In addition, some reviews suggest that the UK is behind when it comes to hair transplants and recommend countries such as Canada and the USA who have more surgeons. It can therefore be very difficult to make a decision with the plethora of information available online.

Hair Transplants in the UK

There are many hair transplant clinics in the UK which offer excellent service and aftercare. However, the cost of treatment can often be off putting, with the average price quoted being around £10 000. This, of course, will vary, depending on various factors including; the amount of hair being transplanted, the clinic's location and reputation and the actual procedure undergone.

Hair Transplants in Turkey

Thousands of people flock to Turkey each month to get hair transplants at affordable prices. The hospitals are of a good quality and the plastic surgeons have a good reputation. 2000 follicles cost around 16,000 Euros.

Hair Transplants in Hungary

The prices for hair transplants in Hungary are much lower than in the UK. Providers tend to encourage foreigners to their clinics by offering safety, comfort and competitive prices. The cost of surgery in Hungary works out to around £1.30 per follicle..

Hair Transplants in Poland

Plastic surgery in Poland is generally of a high standard because doctors need to obtain special permission in order to practice. Make sure the surgeon belongs to the Polish Society of Surgeons. The average cost of a hair transplant in Poland is approximately £2,000..

Hair Transplants in India

Indian hospitals are actually quite well equipped in the main cities because they have to serve foreign clients. English is also widely spoken so there should not be a language barrier. Hair transplants here can cost less than £1 per follicle..

Hair Transplants in the USA

The USA is considered to be at the cutting edge of hair transplantation. The surgery can cost around £10,000 plus flights and accommodation..

Hair Transplants in Canada

The average cost of a hair transplant in Canada is around 8,000 Canadian dollars. The country boasts some of the world's leading surgeons..

Hair Transplants in China

China is no exception when it comes to hair transplants and has many smart clinics to attract the hair transplant tourist. The clinics in China do all they can to compete with English speaking countries and their success rate is high. The cost works out around 60 Hong Kong dollars per graft..

Having Surgery Abroad: The Positives

The main reason people choose to have their surgery abroad centres around cost. The pound is strong against most currencies, making the operation immediately more economical. The other motivating factor seems to be anonymity. Patients can go to a place where nobody knows them and they can recuperate without any embarrassing questions.

Some people also choose to travel in order to be treated by a particular surgeon who may have been recommended. The USA, in particular, has a large number of plastic surgeons specialising in hair transplant surgery. The idea of travel might further appeal as the patient will get to see a new place or they may choose to have surgery in a place that they have visited before simply because they know their way around and feel comfortable in that city.

Having Surgery Abroad: The Negatives

When someone opts to have hair transplant surgery abroad, as opposed to here in the UK, visits to multiple clinics will generally be ruled out. Meeting more than one surgeon and face to face consultations are always advisable, so unless you are very sure, it might be best to check out a number of UK based clinics as well.

One will also need to consider the cost of travel and accommodation, bearing in mind that if budget is an issue, any follow up sessions may be harder to attend. Indeed, for those who are seeking anonymity, but concerned about the extra costs which could be involved, it might just be worth taking time off work and staying at home. Furthermore, if any complications arise then malpractice or negligence claims could fall on deaf ears if you have had surgery abroad.

Do Your Research

Wherever one chooses to have their hair transplant surgery they should be comfortable with the amount of knowledge they have gathered through research. It would be good to check if the surgeon is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). You should also read review sites, find past patient reviews, and if possible, see more than one clinic. If budget is an issue it is always nice to know that there are other options available and, as long as you go into it with your eyes wide open, having the surgery abroad might be a great way to combine surgery and a mini break.